About Us
Connect is a unique language school in Canada because of our small class size and our family atmosphere. Connect offers professional development for the business language learner, the social language learner and the young language learner. Our highly skilled teachers and small class size mean you improve quickly.
Our flexible scheduling system gives you a variety of options for both long-terms and short-term studies. Located in Toronto, recently voted as the best place to live and work by Fortune Magazine, means you can enjoy a dazzling nightlife, professional sports teams, fantastic sightseeing attractions, ethnic diversity and a wide variety of restaurants

Features and Educational Services:

Self-Study Room
A Self-Study Room is available for those students who seek a quiet place to do their homework or read from our many magazines and books. In our Self-Study Room we have TOEIC and TOEFL material, listening materials, grammar study and vocabulary study for students who want to improve their ability after school.

The Self-Study Room is a quiet room for those students who want to concentrate on learning by themselves. In our Self-Study Room:

TOEIC and TOEFL material,
listening materials,
grammar study
vocabulary study.

Student Lounge
Our Student Lounge is a wonderful gathering place for students to relax, meet friends, have lunch and make friends. The Lounge area includes microwaves, free water, and snack machines for students to enjoy and a kitchen with a refrigerator, table and chairs. We have many events in the Student Lounge including our Talent Show, Salsa Dance Lessons and Slang Workshop!

Other Accommodations
Homestay students are placed with carefully selected Canadian families that offer a secure and friendly environment.
Connect provides a variety of homestay family-types including: retired couples, vegetarian, single professional people, families with children or families with teen-agers.

  • General ESL
  • Conversation
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • General Business English
  • Academic Preparation



  • English For Work
  • Business English Diploma
  • TYC Diploma
  • TESL Diploma
  • Telephone Skills




  • Business Writing
  • Business Presentations
  • English Idioms
  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Clearly
  • College & University Preparation Program (CUPP)

Tuition Fee 2010
Registration fee- $100 (non-refundable)

Length of Study   30 Hours per week   20 Hours per week   10 Hours per week

1 - 3 weeks

$340 $270 $190

     4 - 7 weeks

$320 $260 $175
 8 - 11 weeks $315 $255 $170
12 - 23 weeks $310 $250 $160
24+ weeks $305 $245 N/A

Start Dates & Holidays
General ESL classes start every Monday

Jan 1, Feb 15, Mar 12, Apr 2m Apr 5, May 24, July 1, Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 7, Oct 11, Nov 11,  
Dec 23, 24, 27, 31