Trip and Event

Toronto Island Trip

Toronto Island Trip - May 15 Friday, 2009

Officially the summer has arrived in Toronto. It is time for B.B.Q season. Even though it was first day of summer, the weather was still cold. 22 students joined the trip and we were very excited to go to Toronto Island. Before we got on the ferry, we took group pictures as well as inside of ferry. Our plan was to hang around the Toronto Island before barbecue party, but as majority of students were too hungry, we had to eat first. In order to start barbecue party, we had to light up the charcoal properly. However, none of them were not aware of firing the charcoal for the barbecue. we had hard time to grill the pork. In addition, the level of fire was too high and low continuously. Even though the tip was not going, exactly what we planned, through this party students got to know each other and laughing each other. When we came back to Toronto city, student already exchanged the phone number and arranged meeting to the next time. Also there was beautiful moment the students were surprised by night view of Toronto Down town which included CN tower, financial district buildings and several high rise condominiums.