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Algonquin Park Day Trip

Algonquin Park Maple Trip

 Saturday All Day September 25, 2010

It has been a while since we were out of Toronto to go on a picnic. We were all excited to go to Algonquin Park but it was raining on our way there so we were little worried about it might be raining all day along. We arrived at Dorset Tower after 3 hours from leaving Toronto. We had our lunch that was Cup Noodles and Rice. It was pretty cold and wet on all of the table right after raining to eat noodles standing out there. And then we got up on Dorset Towel which has 185 stairs and made of old steels. When we moved up on the top of Dorset Tower, we saw beautiful scene of vivid colourful maple leaves. We moved next to go into Algonquin Park. There were several courses and trails. We chose lookout trails which is short and took 30 minutes for round way. We went back to Toronto when getting dark and also brought back invaluable memories. We spent a great time with Maple members. *^^*